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Musings of JOY written in "Awe" of GOD's Gifts--Life and Nature around us! 
   Welcome to the webnook of VeerajaR

       Book(s) and Poetry for the JOY of the Heart, Mind and Spirit! 
                                              From me
                                   How these verses flow
                               Free as a river, I do not know
                               I feel the joyous duty is mine
                            To share God's grace thus shine!

                                   Author & Poet
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MEDITATE / When you Retreat.... / The World unfolds! * Trek JOYously... With Every Step You Take / The World Turns! - VeerajaR
 --Poetry for the Heart, Mind and Spirit 
 In clear, pure, simple words, VeerajaR’s  poems pay tribute to the divine.  After  reading this book, we understand why  when asked: “O tell us, poet, what do you  do?” VeerajaR, like Rilke, might very well  answer, “I praise.” 
​  -V. Clausi, fmr. Assoc. Director 
 Bennington Writing Seminars
 --Poetry Honoring Every Mother

VeerajaR’s Beyond Loving, Poetry Honoring Every Mother, is first of all a celebration of life. The poems are lyrical, song-like in structure, often with reframes. She believes that “sharing is fulfillment in living,” not only to other people, but to important spiritual faiths and the creative force of nature. Most of all these poems instruct the reader to “Cherish Every Moment,” “For only in Peace Humanity could soar!”  Beyond Loving offers a soulful, inspiring experience.
--Bill BrownRenowned Poet & Author
 Vanderbilt University Lecturer (Ret.)
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