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Musings of JOY written in "Awe" of GOD's Gifts--Life and Nature around us! 
​      A doctorate from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, the author VeerajaR is an admired  Poet, Artist, a well-published scientist and a consultant BiomedScientific Editor. Her poetry is   well  received and she is the Executive Producer of 'Poets From The Neighborhood' program  that  brings the works and voices of local poets on Tennessee's WC-TV - an educational  Channel, every friday since 2013. She is a coauthor of the devotional titled "Resurrection  Reflections" (2009) and has poetry published in anthologies including "Best Poets of 2016,   2018   & 2021; Haiku Society Of America, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022; WhereThe   Mind Dwells -  CONTEMPLATION (2015) & Filtered Through Time (2012)."
     Born and raised in Ceylon (now, SriLanka), VeerajaR credits her mother--a teacher, for  instilling in her the love of poetry early on and motivating her to participate and win  awards  at regional oratorical contests. An avid reader, she discovered the power of words even as a  child and  took to writing like duckling to water. Writng the weekly  minutes for her school's  Girl Guides and English Literary Associations were fun  exercises for her. VeerajaR believes  her passion for reading and writing, and the thirst  for knowledge of the unknown and the  mystery of God's creations inevitably led to her career in BioMedical Therapeutic research. 
    Exploring the Nature and traveling have been, and are, her other passions. Traveling  halfway  across the world, she has lived and taught in SriLanka, Nigeria, and has been  a  faculty at  Medical Schools in the US, including Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. Living in  middle Tennessee for the past 23 yrs with her three children & husband VeerajaR continues  to write and paint in 'Awe' of  God's gifts, Nature &  Life around us!
 Her Books of Inspiring Poetry: JOY OF BEING - Poetry for the Heart, Mind & Spirit (2013)                                                        BEYOND LOVING - Poetry Honoring Every Mother (2018)  
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About Poet & Author,  VeerajaR
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