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Musings of JOY written in "Awe" of GOD's Gifts--Life and Nature around us! 
Inspirations: Joyous Nature & Life around us!

Capture the moments... in TIME & SPACE, rendering the mind capable of POETRY!  VeerajaR
My Garden Joy! How much miracle contained in just one perfect tomato?
Iris Inspiration!
 Every action sets off a rippling effect - only we don't recognize the impact!
This is not the first time a butterfly happily settle on my finger...            But, such magic moment wakes up the poet within!  VeerajaR
 This poem is included in the 'In Ruah' section of the book "Joy of Being."      Poem inspired thinking of my gentle & pious father-in-law who has past on...
Elephants are so intelligent and joyful to watch. Even as a child I could appreciate the strong family bond and loyalty the elephants exhibited. 
We can learn a lot from them. Do you know they mourn their dead, recognize even the skeleton, and shed tears...? Love these gentle giants!
That's our adorable 14 yr old Labrador's farewell kiss to her pal. They seem to be better at handling farewell than us, humans.
    Poets From  the Neighborhood
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